Insurance or pension fund managers?
By 2013 insured the insurance executives saver from increased life expectancy. 
In light of this fact managers insurance was provided by the product more certainty and, accordingly, was justifiably more expensive. 
From the directives of the Supervisor of Insurance, insurance executives stopped insuring the saver from increased life expectancy, insurance executives have lost a large part of the certainty, and thus justifying the high cost of lost product. 
In view of the new situation, as part of the considerations that should be included when choosing a pension product should be examined very important criterion is mobility. 
Examine the mobility insurance and pension fund managers. 
Join conditional Administrators insurance underwriting process. Every time they go through the insurance companies underwriting process is done. 
This means that a person who joined the Insurance Managers and his medical condition worsened may find himself bound by that policy without having the option of choosing another alternative, because other insurance companies seek additional charge, exclude or refuse to insure him. 
Governing body is aware that the client bound to choose the services and therefore does not have the motivation and desire to provide a service and a better price. 
When you join a pension fund for the first time, there is a long qualifying period of 5 years during which there is no insurance coverage for events originating from a medical condition that existed at the time of enrollment. 
However, according to the directives of the Supervisor to move funds to another pension fund and the rights you have gained in terms of the eligibility period are available in the new fund. 
This means that your pension fund know that you can leave the pension fund to another at any time. Because of this, your bargaining power at high management fees to the pension fund are motivated to give you good service. 
Conditions can be obtained from many affected retirement savings accumulated savings backed him. 
At the beginning of the savings, with a low level of savings, it might be impractical to achieve attractive fees. After years as your retirement savings grow, you can get better terms, if bargaining power will be in your hands. 
This is definitely one of the important considerations that should be taken into account when choosing a pension product.

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