In the constantly changing Israeli business environment, tax reforms and changes in the global economic landscape, Barsky, Berger and associates Tax Department coordinates great efforts 
to provide our clients with innovative tax planning and to address the complex and unique needs of each of our clients.

Our tax department advises businesses, organizations and individuals in formulating tax strategies, tax planning and compliance with the relevant tax laws, as it takes into account financial and business aspects as well as related market, industry or sector regulations and the country that the business operates in. 
The department also provides consulting services in major transactions and specific issues to external clients.
The firm's membership in international network CHI provides wide knowledge and gives it a comparative advantage in international markets taxation issues. This knowledge enables us to support our clients in every area where the need arises for tax counseling, domestic or international arena. 
Our methodology is based on a thorough understanding of our clients needs, as we combine strategy with quality and effective management and execution by experts in this area. 
This methodology incorporates the knowledge and experience we have gained over the years with the highest expertise and professionalism of the department staff. 
Services offered: 
  • Selecting the optimal corporate structure: individuals / companies / partnerships. 
  • Guidance and Counseling transactions – domestic and international transactions, trusts, capital market transactions, mergers, spin-offs and more. 
  • Domestically and international tax planning. 
  • Requests for preliminary decision from the Tax Taxation (pre ruling) in a variety of areas: international taxation, capital markets, mergers, spin-offs, capital investment law. 
  • Providing opinions on various tax issues (income tax, international tax, VAT, etc. (
  • Representation in tax assessments hearings
  • Trusts taxation- consultancy and support to trustees and beneficiaries in local and foreign trusts.
  • Tax breaks for new immigrants and returning residents. 
  • Options / shares Taxation - support for transactions of individuals and controlling shareholders, including the allocation and exercise of options. 
  • Encouragement of capital Investment law - advice and support to companies that want to test their eligibility for tax benefits under the law for the Encouragement of Capital Investments. 
  • Taxation of pensions and severance pay - advice and support taxation of eligible retiring allowances, severance pay, etc.

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Who we are

Barsky, Berger and associates was established in 1997 and includes 2 branches: Main office in Tel Aviv and a secondary in Hadera.

The firm employs 50 people including CPAs, CISAs, economists, Information systems auditors, tax advisors and accounting interns.

The firm offers services in various accounting areas as defined in the Israeli Auditors law, both to the business and public sector, and specializes in tax remediation, internal audit and forensic accounting, including in information system environment, public and private entities, financial institutions, NPOs, governmental bodies, statutory authorities, venture capital funds and more.

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