Barsky, Berger and associates Economics Department provides valuation services to companies / businesses and / or assets, economic feasibility analysis, and more.
Valuation, as its name implies, is an evaluation and not accurate calculation, is based on generally accepted economic formulas. The values are taken into account are based on real data included in the income statements of the business in recent years, and from data from the forward financial statement estimated based on our past experience and current and projected state of the industry in which the business operates and the general economy.
As part of the tests carried out for the valuation and to project the profitability of the business in the future we examine the cash flow of the business, current and future liabilities are located, significant contracts that have an impact on the revenue and expenses of the business are reviewed, business assets are examined, ownership aspect of tangible and intangible assets (including goodwill), and the ability to generate income for the business, and so on.
Evaluation can be done using several acceptable methods of calculating, common ones are discounting cash flows (DCF), net assets value (NAV) method and multiplier methods. The Economics Department in our office will select the appropriate calculation method for your business along with a combination of methods and tests, depending on the nature of the activity, the purpose for which the valuation, the ability to continue to operate the business as a going concern and more.
Barsky, Berger and associates Economic Department has extensive experience in valuations of companies and / or businesses.
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Barsky, Berger and associates was established in 1997 and includes 2 branches: Main office in Tel Aviv and a secondary in Hadera.

The firm employs 50 people including CPAs, CISAs, economists, Information systems auditors, tax advisors and accounting interns.

The firm offers services in various accounting areas as defined in the Israeli Auditors law, both to the business and public sector, and specializes in tax remediation, internal audit and forensic accounting, including in information system environment, public and private entities, financial institutions, NPOs, governmental bodies, statutory authorities, venture capital funds and more.

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