The decision to establish a new business is complicated and involves taking a calculated risk. 
Barsky, Berger and associates Economics Department gives entrepreneurs interested in constructing a business, support and counseling before the establishment of the business, with an emphasis on tax considerations and profitability. 
Barsky, Berger and associates has extensive experience in providing these services. The Departments' staff also gained extensive experience in providing advice and comprehensive care in all the various tax issues. The department is in close cooperation with the various tax offices in the country and has developed a range of services for the treatment of current tax matters.

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Who we are

Barsky, Berger and associates was established in 1997 and includes 2 branches: Main office in Tel Aviv and a secondary in Hadera.

The firm employs 50 people including CPAs, CISAs, economists, Information systems auditors, tax advisors and accounting interns.

The firm offers services in various accounting areas as defined in the Israeli Auditors law, both to the business and public sector, and specializes in tax remediation, internal audit and forensic accounting, including in information system environment, public and private entities, financial institutions, NPOs, governmental bodies, statutory authorities, venture capital funds and more.

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