Session 1: introduction, coordinate expectations, setting goals and objectives.
Session 2: Presentation of the process of establishing a business, developing a business mindset..
Session 3: Mapping features, skills, and resources of the entrepreneur.
 Finding comparative advantage and each unique contribution.
Session 4: Business plan: the importance of drafting a business plan, its purpose and its components, tools and resources that can assist in the development and realization of the idea.
Session 5: formal steps in establishing a business: dealing with the tax authorities, VAT, social Security, business licensing.
Session 6: Legal aspects: corporate structure, contractual agreements.
Session 7: Financial Management: Calculate the balance point of the business, reading financial statements, pricing and costing, cash flow.
Session 8: Financial Management: Sources of financing, dealing with banks, investment viability.
Session 9: Marketing: SWOT model,competitive environment analysis..
Meeting 10: Marketing: Building Customer Segmentation and Marketing Strategy.
Session 11: Marketing and advertising media management, internet marketing and social media.
Session 12: Sales: the sales stages, interpersonal communication, handling objections. 
Meeting 13: Project Summary: Preparation of presentation to a potential business investor.
 The courses take place in Tel Aviv and Or Akiva.
The upcoming course starts 11/2014.
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The firm offers services in various accounting areas as defined in the Israeli Auditors law, both to the business and public sector, and specializes in tax remediation, internal audit and forensic accounting, including in information system environment, public and private entities, financial institutions, NPOs, governmental bodies, statutory authorities, venture capital funds and more.

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