Barsky, Berger and associates Economics Department specializes in filing applications both for banks and credit funds each in their unique format, for the convenience and benefit of the client. 
Barsky, Berger and associates Economics Department has a team of experts that’s familiar with the banking system to perfection; for the most part, the client will benefit some added value that accompanies the preparation of the credit application. Often, during the preparation of credit applications, we find that the management of credit and assets of the business require upgrading and improvement. In these cases, we'll be sure to give diverse and informed recommendations regarding the financial management of the company, credit utilization and cost savings. 
As it well known, within the state's efforts to contribute to the Israeli economy, government stimulus funds were established, with the purpose of helping businesses of different kinds, by loans guaranteed by the State. Among the different funds are the small business encouragement fund, medium business promotion fund, Kurt Fund and exporter's loan fund. 
In order that any of the funds will approve and recommend granting a loan guaranteed by the State, it is required to submit a detailed application and fill out a questionnaire in reference to current and future financial data, prepare a business plan, provide information about the existing bank credit available, client and supplier credit and other data about the business and his characteristics. 
Every application filed to the Government encouragement funds, examined by external economists through analyzing the data submitted to them, a visit to the business, interview and finally gives a recommendation for approval or rejection of the application. 
Our office will prepare the complex application, submit it in your behalf and stay in connection with economists examining it. Please note that many applications are rejected by the fund because there was no a professional consultant who can explain and justify their solvency and growth of the business and to justify the receipt of the loan from the Fund, including the likelihood of repayment in the future. This service is performed by our firm professionally and quite successfully.

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Barsky, Berger and associates was established in 1997 and includes 2 branches: Main office in Tel Aviv and a secondary in Hadera.

The firm employs 50 people including CPAs, CISAs, economists, Information systems auditors, tax advisors and accounting interns.

The firm offers services in various accounting areas as defined in the Israeli Auditors law, both to the business and public sector, and specializes in tax remediation, internal audit and forensic accounting, including in information system environment, public and private entities, financial institutions, NPOs, governmental bodies, statutory authorities, venture capital funds and more.

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